"don't wait for opportunity, create it."
 Photograph by  Abby Fischer Photography

Welcome to my life! My name is Layney Danielle Silva and I'm 22 years old. I reside in Acampo, Ca which is a small town South of Sacramento and just North of Lodi. My hobbies include traveling, designing, interior decorating, and of course eating. I'm a Marketing Specialist for The Silva Team, which is one of the Central Valley's top producing Real Estate teams. I started working on the team in January of 2017, I am also a Licensed REALTOR. 

I am the daughter of Carrie Silva, who is the leader of The Silva Team. My father, Everett Silva, is a Mortgage Broker who owns his own Home Lending company. My mother has been a Realtor since 2000, and is extremely successful in this field. She is the main reason I decided to get into this business, which I'm extremely thankful for because I am in love with it! It's safe to say that I have been exposed my entire life!

 Photograph by  Abby Fischer Photography

I went to Delaware State University on a full golf scholarship and studied Sports Management. When I found out that it wasn't my calling, I decided to go another route. I love design, and I have an extremely creative personality which I began putting to use while working on The Silva Team. I am now putting my knowledge to use out in the field of Real Estate!

As I am Marketing for a team, selling, homes, and just recently becoming a CEO for Temecula Valley Processing Center in Southern California, I am also providing marketing packages to anyone who may be interested. I am super excited to offer this service to real estate professionals who seek assistance in this area. You can find all of my packaging options on my products page.

As a Central Valley native, I have a deep love for the area and the different variety of neighborhoods. I approach both life and work with sincerity, honesty, and compassion. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client fall in love with his or her new home.

I am available for clients 24/7 and I have an extremely quick response rate. My ultimate goal is to exceed my clients' expectations and to keep an everlasting relationship with my clients. I can help you price property, negotiate deals, qualify buyers, run credit checks, acquire financing, pass boards, find contractors, and more!

 Photograph by  Abby Fischer Photography  

Photograph by Abby Fischer Photography 


All photos on my website are from Pexels, Pixabay, designed by Layney Silva. All photos of Layney Silva are taken by Abby Fischer Photography