Chase Realty Services

Meet Brandy Chase
"Your Key to a Successful Closing"

Brandy is a transaction coordinator throughout the Central Valley. She assists agents and their clients from the beginning of their transaction to close. Brandy offers services from listing management, transaction coordination, short sales, and commercial transactions. Chase has always been in the world of Real Estate. She began her career in new home sales as a customer service coordinator, but when the market crashed, she made the decision to stay home with her children. While doing this, she ended up going back to school, and ventured into the medical field. But her heart was always in Real Estate. It wasn't until two years ago, one of her close friends helped her realize she would be great at transaction coordinating. She quickly envisioned how perfect she would be as a transaction coordinator. The next day, she was scheduled to take her certification class and hasn't looked back since. Since she loved paperwork and being around others, she explains it as being "a match made in heaven." 

What's the best part of your business?
"I get to help people every day."

Chase is a very hard worker, cares about others, and always puts their needs before her own. "I love helping others and being involved in this profession allows me to do just that." Reasoning behind Brandy's success stems from her delegation, time management, networking, and superb customer service. Her day starts early, and is filled with sending out emails, working on paperwork, making numerous phone calls, checking transactions, and putting out fires as they come! Although she should only work from 9:00 am- 4:00 pm, she works all of the time, and somehow can't stop until all of it is finished for the day. Where does all of her inspiration come from? "My dad. He has always inspired me to be the best that I can be and ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed I would be just like him."   

Chase explains that one of her biggest accomplishments was going back and finishing school a few years ago. Brandy would have never imagined she could have obtained a degree with children, a husband, and family life. Her other accomplishment is having a business of her own. "I always wanted my own business, it is a dream come true for me to be where I am." Her ultimate goal is to have Chase Realty Services grow into a successful business and have staff under her, serving all of Northern California as the main transaction coordination.

When Brandy isn't managing her business she spends time with her kids, and currently indulges in ABC series, "Once Upon a Time". Her children are her motivation. "I want them to know they can do anything they want to in life. Working hard pays off." She also loves to read whenever she finds the time. She loves going out for a ride on the Harley with her husband. When she's not spending time with her husband and kids, she is probably spoiling her Great Dane. 

If you're a Realtor looking for Transaction Coordinators, look no further than Chase Realty Services!