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Happy Monday!
I am so excited to share this post! The reason why I enjoyed this one is because I've known this talented golfer since I was a kid, and we played side by side in tournaments! Being that the both of us played competitive golf throughout our childhoods, Sagee and I used to play in local golf tournaments together! Just last year Sagee and I played in a few of the same golf tournaments, including Q-School. Although I am pursuing another career, I am so happy for her and whatever the future has in store for her golf career!

Meet Sagee

Sagee is 24 years old and her ultimate dream is to play on the LPGA. She started playing golf when she was 12 years old, after being introduced to the game by a family friend. She quickly realized how much she loved the game after hitting golf balls and playing around for a year. 
Sagee ended up receiving a full golf scholarship to Sacramento State University and just recently graduated in the fall of 2015. When she was finished with college golf, she knew she would enjoy the competition and atmosphere of professional golf! 
The professional golfer is motivated by her goals! She works extremely hard at her profession. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Sagee wakes up at 6am, heads to the gym for  a work out session, and goes straight to the golf course. Tuesdays and Thursdays are all-day golf course practice sessions, and she takes it easy on the weekends.
Just recently, Sagee shot (-4 under) in a 54-hole professional event and collected a check!    
Sagee is learning and growing every day in her golf profession and also in her own personal life. "Appreciating life and enjoying golf is something that makes me happy!" She has realized how lucky she is to be given such an awesome opportunity!
Communication and positivity are both huge traits that Sagee has on and off the golf course. She believes that looking at situations from a different perspective allows her to be open-minded! 
What is her favorite part of pro-golf?
She loves meeting all of the people along the way. She has meet some of her best friends through the sport, and other individuals such as coaches that play a huge role in her life.
The golfer wouldn't be where she is now without her biggest support system, her parents. "My parents are my biggest inspiration, if I could have half the work ethic of them, I would be so happy," Sagee explains. Her mom has always worked so hard to provide Sagee with the opportunity of playing golf, and still does till this day. As for her dad, he has always supported Sagee and been her 'best friend' throughout her life journey.
When she isn't on the golf course, Sagee enjoys relaxing at home and watching movies. Sometimes she enjoys going out to a nice restaurant or hanging out with friends, but she loves being lazy at home!   
In the future, Sagee sees herself having a wonderful family of her own, still enjoying and playing golf, and a world traveler!

I am so excited for Sagee and whatever her future holds! It makes me so happy to see someone who I grew up with, pursuing such an amazing career path. Sagee explained to me that she is actually planning to move to Arizona in the beginning of 2018 to play in Cactus Tour events. I can't wait to see how well you do! Good luck girl!
xo Layney