The 530 & Co.

I am so excited to share with you an interview I had with a young professional in Northern California! Delphine is actually an acquaintance of mine, and it's amazing how much I've been able to learn about her throughout this interview. 

Meet Delphine

Delphine Winter is a young entrepreneur who owns a sister company to The 530 Bride. After graduating college, she became a partner in the booming business of weddings. With weddings being one of the most expensive events a person invests in during their lifetime, Delphine may have chosen the right business to be in! The young professional sees her business 'becoming an empire'. 


Delphine's company is a creative solution and event management company. Her goal is to help businesses in the wedding industry mainly, but her company can actually be used to assist any industry! From weddings, hair, makeup, etc. The 530 & Co. can help! She strives to reach their potential online, and helps with building their SEO presence. Delphine also creates content calendars allowing companies to stick to a social media schedule. While Delphine has began her new business, she is also planning weddings!

Organization, time management, and being personable can describe her top priorities while running her business. Delphine is extremely hard-working, she spends between 8 to 9 hours a day on all of her jobs. What's her motivation? Success. "Knowing that I can change and help businesses, makes me feel good!" Delphine's biggest inspiration is Audrey Hepburn, she explains, "She was such a successful woman in the acting industry, and she shows that you can be yourself and still kill it in life!" While Delphine isn't running her business or planning weddings, she is probably out for a run. She is an avid runner and is currently on a 433 day running streak, training for her run in Boston! By being so successful, Delphine sticks to a routine daily to keep her business on track. A typical day for Delphine looks like this:
1. Wake up and drink coffee, eat breakfast
2. Run
3. Look at my to-do list that I write every night.
4. Do everything on my to-do list.
5. Run errands.
6. Yoga.
7. Cook dinner.
8. Drink wine.
9. Read my book.
10. Go to sleep!

Love, movies, success, and smiles are all some of Delphine's favorite things!
I'm so ecstatic that I was able to interview Delphine! I was able to learn some pretty awesome things about a girl who I actually went to high school with. I'm hoping Delphine and I somehow are able to work together with growing our businesses in the near future! I am super excited for her upcoming business and all of the success that comes with it. If you are planning your wedding or need assistance with anything in the wedding industry reach out to her! You can find her information below.
IG: @the530andco