How To "Shelf" Like a Pro

I am really into shelves and here's why...
A few years ago, we were moving into a new house and I decided I wanted to clean out my room, sell furniture I no longer needed, and buy all new things for my new room. I actually ended up selling my dresser, a hutch, desk, and side tables. I collected a decent amount of cash to purchase my new furniture and decor.
So like any other female, I went exploring in Hobby Lobby lol. I ended up buying a really nice rustic iron door-shaped wall decoration, which I quickly decided to turn into my headboard. It cost me about $90 (cheaper than ANY headboard I've ever come across!). I began searching endlessly online for a buffet table or any type of table I could put beneath my hanging tv. No luck! Until I found something wonderful on Pinterest, the idea of shelves. 
I headed to Kirkland's and I found the shelves of my dreams! 

I know the struggle can be real when it comes to decorating the shelves, and believe me when I say I left those beautiful shelves of mine empty for months. I couldn't decide what to put on them! When I would find something, I'd leave it up there and take it down because it wasn't perfect enough in my opinion. Until I discovered my love for succulents, ahhh I love these wonderful plants! There is an amazing local shop where I live, in Lodi, Ca called Boxwood Finch where they sell real succulents in these gorgeous, modern styled pots. I think these can go anywhere in your home, or office! They look great on shelves, windows, and desks. If you can't find a place where they sell them like this, then go to Target buy a cheap little pot, and get yourself a cute little succulent to go inside. 


You can never go wrong with a clock. I actually bought my white, vintage clock from Marshall's a few years ago and it cost me a whopping $6.99. I kept it hidden in a closet until I finally got the great idea that it'd look great on my shelves, and yes it does. But you can literally find these clocks anywhere nowadays. They can either be really expensive or extremely cheap depending on your luck and which store you decide to purchase from. My clock was a perfect addition to my shelves, because it matched the style I was going for. Definitely find one that suits your style, there's a bunch out there!
Another knick knack I decided to put on one of my shelves are white soy candles. White is my favorite color, I'm a very neutral person. Obviously you can choose a color of your liking, but I really like having 1-2 candles because it flows with the rest of my decor! 
The nice thing about decorating shelves is that you can add just about anything to them. You can even add a bottle of wine, glass figurines, or things of sentimental value! Don't be afraid to add your own personal home decor touch to your shelves!


& Of course I have 2 white picture frames with black & white photos (one of my boyfriend and I, and one of my sister and I) because I love adding photos to each of my rooms! Ok so I'm hoping this will help you get started on mastering your shelf game! If you have any questions, or need any help with decorating please feel free to contact me! 
xo Layney