A Day in The Life

Hello there friendly readers, I told you I’d be making more appearances on my website, and here I am. 

I want to share my flattery with you all because lately I’ve been getting some local admiration and I’m soaking it up. I’ve been so thrilled that people have been wondering about my career, lifestyle, blogging, and my marketing. So with all of this curiosity I thought I’d do a few posts on my life and how I get everything done in a day. I’ve been really working hard these past 10 months on building my career and I’ve also been learning so much that has not only helped me in my business but also my personal life. I guess that’s part of growing up though.

Just a typical day...

  1. Ok so I wake up Monday through Friday at 6:00 am and then the weekends I’ll treat myself to maybe an hour of sleep and roll out of bed at 7:00 am.
  2. After I wake up, I clean my face with my Origins White Tea Face Cleanser and I’ll do this with some warm water and my Mia Fit Cleansing System. I’ll then use my Origins Age-Defense Treatment Lotion to fight those wrinkles that will come years down the road. My last step is to use my Origins Moisturizer with White Tea and I love it because it also has SPF 40 and it smells AMAZING. Oh and to answer your question, yes I absolutely love Origins. 
  3. Next up, makeup. Just like I love Origins, I’m completely obsessed with Tarte as well. I use the Poreless Mattifying Primer that's vegan! For foundation I use Tarte full coverage with my Beauty Blender, along with my Tarte powder. Tarte blush, eyebrow pencil, and my favorite palette right now is Tartelette
  4. Usually on Monday I straighten my hair, then I’ll wear it in a ponytail or bun on Tuesday, wash it that night, and then I’ll continue to do that same cycle for the week. I try to wash my hair every other day or sometimes every 3 days, it’s really not good to wash your hair daily. If it starts looking a little oily I’ll use my Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. I’ve been really strict with this routine and to be completely honest my hair grows 2 to 3 inches per month. I really limit heat on my hair as well. I avoid my blow dryer unless I absolutely need to use it, I hardly ever curl my hair, and I straighten it maybe twice a week.
  5. Time to get in my steps because after all of this I go to Lodi Lake for my daily 3 mile walk. This is where I get my mind cleared before my busy day of work that is ahead of me. It puts my mind at ease because this business ain’t a walk in the park most days. I usually will do this for about an hour, and have my work clothes ready to go straight to the office. (By the way all of my work clothes are from Ann Taylor LOFT, and I’m going to do a post on business attire in the near future)
  6. I usually will get to the office between 8:15-8:30 and I’ll have oatmeal or sometimes I’ll go to School Street Nutrition and get an acai bowl or a protein shake. I’m not a huge breakfast person so I mostly go for something easy and hate to admit that there’s a 50/50 chance I don’t even eat breakfast which I guess is horrible to do but oh well.
  7. Once I’m at work I’ll begin looking at all of the new houses on the market, the expired listings, price drops, etc. Then I hand write all of my notes to past clients for the week, stamp and deliver. This takes up majority of my morning. I usually have all of my marketing done for the week since I prep all of it on Sunday nights.
  8. For lunch I usually will do something cheap and or simple. Sometimes I’ll do ramen noodles with siracha or a basic homemade sandwich. I do love eating out for lunch and will occasionally get a wrap or salad, and of course Chipotle, (my guilty pleasure) but I try to save my money to buy clothes and shoes.
  9. Late afternoons for me are pretty quite unless I’m out showing property. This is when I get all of my writing and other marketing strategies done. I do a lot of research for fresh ideas because it’s super important that our team stays ahead of the game. I will usually watch videos to educate myself on newer ideas and sometimes download power point presentations and take notes.
  10. Dinners are pretty basic for me, I’ll have a salad and a meat, and skip starches. If I eat carbs I most likely will at lunch time because there’s more time for me to burn them. At night I’ll make a salad with mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, almonds, and cheese and for dressing I’m not afraid to have ranch or bleu cheese. Sometimes I’ll do a homemade vinaigrette, but I always home make all of my salad dressings. Then either chicken, steak, or beef I’m not really a fan of pork but I mean if it’s in front of me I’ll eat it. I eat pretty early, like 5:00 pm, yeah I’m a grandma and I have no shame.
  11. Sometimes after dinner I’ll go for a walk. If not, I’ll catch up on my laundry or take a hot bath. I love this part of my day because I feel like it’s my time to relax. If I have a good book, I’ll spend the late part of my day reading. If there’s something good to watch, Michael and I will relax together and watch a movie or show. For the most part we watch shows separately due to our different taste.
  12. My morning face routine will be repeated and then I’ll hop into the shower. If I’m in the mood, I’ll do a charcoal face mask, and yes it’s from Origins. Before I lay down, I love to stretch and I literally will do stretches head to toe and it really relaxes me before bed. Just like I wake up early, I definitely go to bed early as well. I usually will plug my phone in and turn my lights out at 9:00-9:30 and after I pray, yes I pray every night, I’ll fall asleep around 10:00 pm.

There you have it. That’s my life, but of course it’s not every single detail because obviously that would be overly obnoxious. I do want some of my life to remain a mystery to you all. I will say that I work my hardest over the weekends, although I value them I really do majority of my work over those two days of the week. If I’m not marketing, or out showing property, then I am usually holding a house open which is a lot of work as well. I will go out and buy goodies for the guests, design and supply flyers and promote them all over the internet. If I had to name my favorite day of the week it would most definitely be Sundays. Sunday mornings I go to church with my Nonna (yeah she’s my grandma) and my little sister, afterwards we will get brunch, later in the day my parents usually cook dinner for the whole family and we relax afterwards. It’s the one day of my week that is considered my ‘day off’. 
xo Layney