My (Late) Thanksgiving Post

I'm so late, but it's ok because you're still reading.. 

Happy Thanksgiving weekend folks. I hope you all had an absolutely amazing Thanksgiving with your family! I'm not a huge fan of Thanksgiving, but I must say that I had a pretty good one this year. I dunno whyyy, but I'm not a turkey lover, I can't stand sweet potatoes, and I don't care too much for leftovers.. We had a pretty low key holiday this year, my Fiancé and I hit up the country club Thanksgiving buffet with my family and then celebrated with his family later on in the day.

By the way shout out to my parents for literally everything, and you know giving me life. Thank you to my fiancé for always putting up with me, and being crazy even to marry me (totally kidding, kinda). I want to thank my grandparents for all that they do for me, my sister, and Michael! Also thanks to my little sister for always knowing how to make me laugh. Thanks to my future in laws for everything! You guys are stuck with me for life. I love all my friends, thank you guys for being the absolute best!

Oh and don't ask me about Black Friday because I didn't even partake in that this year. I don't really agree with the idea of people working on any holiday, it's not fair. So I choose not to support companies on that one day of the year, and they literally had to open stores on thanksgiving now... like what? I don't get it.. Besides, are Black Friday sales even worth it? I have no clue, I'm all about Cyber Monday though, I get to hide from all the crazies in the comfort of my own home.

Anyone participate in Small Business Saturday this year? I definitely love doing this year round, I really love shopping local so I don't only support on SBS. I would love to hear what you guys bought if you went! I think the best finds are from local businesses. We provided free santa photos on Saturday for all the little kids who had to go shopping with mom or grandma that day. It's great because our office is located next to sooo many local businesses and we thought we would someone participate, I mean you can't really walk in and buy a house... Oh wait, yeah you can. But anyways, It was a blast. We paired up with a local photographer, Abby Chambers who provided complimentary photos for the parents (they look amazing). We also provided hot cocoa, and we had a raffle basket.

Alright well I'm keeping it short, but check out the photos below and visit my girl Abby's business page, she has a really great special going on right now for holiday sessions!
xo Layney