Stocking Stuffers Under $15

My 27 Day Christmas Blog Series...

Hey there, here to share with you some amazing stocking stuffers that are under $15 and are pretty hot for 2017. Stocking stuffers are so fun in my opinion, you can do some really great gifts in stockings, the only thing is they can get pretty expensive. Hopefully this post will help you keep the stuffers to a $ limit this year.


Bath Bombs...

I think any female appreciates bath bombs. I personally love to buy mine from Lush because they are all made from natural ingredients. But I'm pretty sure you can buy bath bombs anywhere now. You can get one of these from anywhere ranging between $4-$9 a piece.

Pop Sockets

Ok for all you people out there who have no idea what these are, pop sockets are these really cool devices for your iPhone/Android. They stick to the back of your phone and basically allow you to have a better grip on your phone for texting, selfies, or watching videos. Like $10!


Do I need to explain?... I'd rather not, but such a great gift. Only $12-$14 on Amazon!

"Spritz the bowl before-you-go and no one else will ever know!"


Travel Mugs

These are such great gifts for anyone.. You can find these on Etsy for men, women, teens, etc. I love the fact that you can personalize them as well. The one I'm sharing the photo of is from a shop on Etsy that has a variety you can choose from, I personally like this one. Go wild, happy coffee drinking!

Check out SweetWaterDecor store on Etsy! 
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Comfy Socks!


Ok so who DOESN'T love comfy socks during the cold winter months?

These make the perfect stuffer for any girl I would have to say, from child to adult woman. 

The crazier the design, the better. I found these amazing socks from TopShop USA, there are a bunch of different ones to choose from on their website, and guess what?

They're only $6! That's a great deal, and it won't break the bank.

Men's Face Lotion and Oil Defense 

Okaaay let's do a few for the men now. I love Every Man Jack! I've bought the body wash for my Fiancé a few times, and it smells so yummy and is super nice. Shockingly a lot of men appreciate face wash and lotions for their faces. This is only $8 and makes for a really great stocking stuffer for any man in your life.

Inspirational Book

I guess this isn't necessarily just for men, but books like this are awesome for anyone. This book was written by a Marine, it is super inspirational, and has little things that can change your life!

These are awesome for stockings, there are a lot of different books to choose from, my good friend who used to work at Barnes & Noble recommended this one to me!

You can buy it on Amazon for only $10

Mystery Tackle Box: For all those men who love the fish

So for $14.99 (Yep it's still under $15!) you can get a mystery tackle box for your man. It's a subscription box and it's stuffed with tackle goodies that fishers will love, oh and they can choose what type as well. This is a great idea because you buy their first box, and if they end up loving it they can just subscribe for more in the future! 

Dollar Shave Club


Every guy shaves! This is the perfect opportunity to get your guy into the Dollar Shave club! Start at only $5 a month and eventually if they want they can add on post shave cream, wipes, or even body cleaner. I mean every guy shaves.

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It's so funny because when I asked my fiancé what he thought a good stocking stuffer is, he said, "Candy". Everyone loves candy! This for sure makes anyone happy and you can't go wrong with it. Oh and it's super cheap so you won't go broke filling up a few stockings with it.


Well there you have it, my lovely list of stocking stuffers under $15. 
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xo Layney