Why Rent, when You Can buy?

It’s Friday Eve and I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped for the weekend.

I’m doing this very special, very informative post today for all of my 20 something year old friends/family members/acquaintances/strangers or whatever. I know from personal experience that one of our number one goals in life is to buy a house, right? If not, ok then skip to a different post. If yeaaaa, keep on reading.

Owning your own home is so rewarding, not only is it your investment, it’s also your sacred place to live. We go there to relax, sleep, and be ourselves. I think my favorite thing about being home is being able to get into comfy clothes, take off all of my makeup, and turn on a good movie. There’s no where else in the world that feels the same. I don’t know about you, but being able to say that you own your own house is probably a pretty great feeling (especially when you’re 20 something years old). In 2017, it’s almost unheard of to hear that a 20-27 year old is a homeowner. The crazy thing is that most 20 something year olds assume that they aren’t able to buy a home due to having no down payment, bad credit, debt.. What if I told you that you could still maybe buy a home? Have you even asked a professional in this industry? Or are you one of those 20 something year olds that are just assuming?

 See, there’s this amazing thing called down payment assistance.

And I don’t want to get too much into it, because honestly I’m not a guru in this topic. So I’ll cut short for you, down payment assistance programs are super awesome for people who are interested in buying a home that have no down payment. First thing’s first, you gotta see if you qualify for one. Meaning, you need some decent/good credit, hopefully you don’t have too much debt going on, and your income has to be qualified as well (This is a whole other topic that I don’t want to get into too much at the moment). But low and behold I have an awesome lender who is literally the best of the best located right here in the Central Valley, you’ll definitely want to give him a call because I know he’ll help you out. ELS Home Lending. Once you are approved for this assistance, you can get a loan for your house (YAAAA), now you gotta give me a call so we can start looking at some houses and get you into a perfect home.

Another reason why most younger people don’t believe they can buy a house, is because of their awful credit… Well there’s something called credit repair, where you can pretty much just clean up your credit. Which my lender would be MORE than happy to help get done for you. If you have bad credit, don’t worry, we can fix that too, oh and you can still buy a house.  


For those of you who ask, ‘Why buy when I can just rent?’ Ok here’s a fun example, when you go skiing would you rather rent skis or have your own? What about when you go fishing, do you like to use someone else’s pole, or your own? Bowling shoes, your own, or someone else’s? Golfing, snorkeling, skating, I could go on and on… Well let’s start off with this, rent runs anywhere from let’s say $900-$2000 a month, (this is an estimate) so if you’re able to make the payments of $1200-$1500 a month, then why not just put that money into your own investment? If you think about it, you’re paying that monthly payment to someone else who is benefitting because of you. If you end up buying a home, your payments could also be around that price range, and you’re monthly mortgage payments go into your OWN investment, where you would be benefiting yourself. At that point, renting doesn’t even make sense, am I right or what? 

Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t buy a house, I want to make that clear to all the millennials out there. I have so many friends that are actually able to buy houses, but don’t even realize because they think ‘There’s no way I can buy a house’ but in reality YES they can. It’s not out of the question, I do know that. I’m not posting this to force you to buy, but instead I’m posting to make you aware that buying is possible for you and all of your friends. Get on the phone with my lender, there are so many different options for you that I’m sure you don’t even know about. Let’s get you into a house before the new year.

Contact me, I’ll help you out today!
xo Layney