Favorite Holiday Traditions

Happy Hump Day! 
It's gettin real close to Christmas and I'm beyond excited because like I've said before I'm all about the Christmas season. It's been a ghost town around here for the past week due to all of my cookie baking, holiday parties, and selling houses before we wrap up the lovely year of 2017 I haven't even found the time to wrap all of my Christmas presents let alone contribute to my Blogmas series... But I'm alive and I'm here.

My Most Favoritest Holiday Tradition.

Alright I must say this quite possibly is one of the hardest decisions to make, because I have a lot of things that are my favorite during Christmas.. I will tell you that my most absolute favorite would have to be decorating. I love decorating in general and when it comes to Christmas I love to put all the decorations up throughout the house. This is our (Michael and me) first year with our own tree and it was a lot of fun to pull out the ornaments we've collected together just over the past three years from where we've traveled and just ones I've picked up at my favorite home decor stores. I've begun buying two or three different pieces of decor each year to have a house full over time. My grandma has also given me a lot of stuff that she decided to pass down to me, which is sooo amazing because she has some great stuff. 
Decorating doesn't just pertain to the house right? I'm not a huge fan of baking, I'll make at least one batch of cookies during this time of the year, but I'm not my mom. She gets down in the kitchen like all year long, but November-December she's like Paula Dean on steroids. Although I'm not the biggest lover of baking, I can decorate the cookies all day. I love decorating sugar cookies the most because I can do so many different decorations, and gingerbreads are fun too..
It's hard for me to stop there, because I love sitting around watching Christmas movies all day too. This past weekend, I was completely exhausted just from all of the holiday craziness, and the craziness I'm having with Real Estate as well, so I literally watched 5 movies! I love lounging around with the Christmas tree lights on, watching a good movie. The first word that comes to mind for Christmas is COZY!!
I will day another tradition that is a favorite would be going to a holiday program, every year we will go to my little sister's school program, or church program and watch the kids to a play or singing performance. In the past 6 years that's been one of the many things I look forward to this time of year. We actually have her performance this Thursday night (tomorrow) and then the church is doing theirs on Friday.. Jeez, it's crazy how much stuff goes on during the month of December.


So what's your favorite holiday tradition? I love hearing how different families have their own ways of celebrating the holiday season. I know people go every year to cut down their tree, throw a Christmas party, make a special dish, or adopt a child. Tell me yours! Comment below! Love my Blog? Like, Comment, Share, and of course SUBSCRIBE!