December Bucket List

My 27 (Well Now 25) Day Christmas Blog Series...

First off, I totally missed 2 days of Christmas posts.. and I'm so sorry. We just had a Christmas party at my parents house last night and that really had me preoccupied! I helped my mom cook all of yesterday, and our party turned out great. Along with work as well, these past 2 days were just way too hectic for me to get my posts out! I am so sorry to all my fans that I might possibly have now...
On another note, happy December, we're officially all in Christmas mode. It's the most wonderful time of the year. I think I'm almost done Christmas shopping and I'm so ready to just enjoy the Christmas season.
I put together a little bucket list for you all to try and complete this December.

Bucket List for December 2017

  • Go to the snow!
    My family loves to go skiing so I want to try and get out there at least once this month! I know I will for sure go in January, but I have my fingers crossed for this month also. Besides, I just love going to the snow anyways
  • Watch Christmas Movies..
    I mean I just did a really great post on Christmas movies you should watch, so I think you should  actually watch them this December.
  • Buy a present for someone in need
    I usually do this every year. I'll sign up with my church to buy for a specific child in need. I love helping people who are local and in need. This year I am buying for an 11 year old girl in need, so excited to give her an amazing Christmas this year.
  • Decorate your house, put up your tree.
    Sooo I did this like the week before Thanksgiving because my family is cray. My office was also decorated like the week of Thanksgiving, so I have this one crossed off the list.
  • Get crafty with your ornaments
    If you don't have a lot of ornaments or don't want to spend the money on them, you should have a fun day with some DIY ornaments. This is also a great activity for your kids, if you have any..
  • Go and see the lights!
    Take a night to go and drive around areas that have great light displays, it's a really fun family outing. Also Sacramento has a really cool drive through that has tons of lights.
  • Send out Christmas cards..
    Eh I know half of the world hates these and the other half loves them. Trust me, these will never go out of style and everyone loves receiving them from family and friends.
  • Make a gingerbread house
    I love doing these and it could possibly be one of my favorite things to do during Christmas. And not because of the decorating part, I literally end up eating all of the decorations.
  • Pay it forward at a drive thru
    So a few years ago this became a really popular thing, people would pay for the car behind them at a drive thru. If the car before you does it, do it for the car behind you, and so on. It's great.
  • See Santa
    Of course, this is a must. I was fortunate enough to see him last Saturday and got a few photos with him, so check.
  • Bake cookies
    For example, my post from 4 days ago... I have the top 5 Christmas Cookie Recipes for ya'll on hand! Get to baking.
  • Drink hot cocoa, but add extra marshmallows..
    Because it's only Christmas time once a year.
  • Attend a Holiday Event..
    Whether it's a community event, or holiday party go and attend. I'm crossing this one off of my list since we basically hosted one yesterday..
  • Go Ice-Skating
    I'm so doing this at some point during this month, and I don't even care if I fall on my face.
  • Donate old toys/clothes.
    If you don't need them anymore, donate them to someone who does.
    This is something you can do all year, but it's great to give during this time of year.

There are so many different things people do during the month of December, whether they're family traditions or new traditions. I think that my list is really good and you should get all of them crossed off by Christmas!

Comment below with your favorite thing from my list above!
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xo Layney