2018 Affirmations and Vision Board

I hope you all had an amazing end to 2017. I became extremely busy with family and the holidays which kept me isolated from my computer, so I'm very sorry for my absence!
2018 has been extremely busy for me and it's only February! Anyone else feeling like that, or is it just me?
The year started off a little busy for me, beginning with a trip to Disneyland with my family, which I don't suggest to do the first week of the year... way too busy! I followed the trip up with a training seminar to grow my business, that was absolutely amazing. I've gained some very amazing knowledge that makes me super excited for the growth of my business. My daily routine has changed dramatically in such a great way, and I've added some great habits into my life. I haven't ever been this excited to begin a new year in my entire life! I've got millions of positive vibes flowin through me, and I'm lovin it.
I'm going to try and be more present on here, mainly because I have sooo many great things to share with you all this month! I try so so hard to be on here every day, but you know.. life. Here's my 'hello' post to you all for the new year! Let's make 2018 the best year ever.

What are your 2018 affirmations? Here's mine:

1. I enjoy earning $106,600.00 in 2018.
2. I enjoy eating things that benefit my health.
3. I enjoy traveling to a new place.
4. I enjoy positivity towards others.
5. I enjoy daily exercise.
6. I enjoy calling people I know.
7. I enjoy giving compliments.
8. I enjoy daily meditation.
9. I enjoy smiling and laughing.
10. I enjoy my family.
11. I enjoy my friends.
12. I enjoy bringing value to anyone.
13. I enjoy hearing positivity.
14. I enjoy uplifting people.
15. I enjoy being outdoors. 

Notice how I put 'I enjoy' instead of including a negative word in my affirmations. It is so IMPORTANT to include only positive words in our affirmations and goals. You should never write "I want to lose 20 pounds" because want, and lose are negative... change it to "I enjoy a healthy 120 pounds". I know it's hard, but the more we see positivity the more positivity comes out! 
For my 2018 affirmations, I not only wanted to focus on myself, but I also focused heavily on bettering others as well. I want to uplift others, and bring value to anyone, and be positive towards everyone. I want to make the world an overall better place, as much as I can.

Have you made your vision board for this year yet? Here's mine:


If you haven't made your vision board for 2018 yet, I strongly encourage you to make one. I broke mine down into: business visions, personal visions, family visions, health visions, travel visions, and luxury visions. The more you see something you want, the more likely you will achieve getting what you want. “Your dream has to be bigger than your fear.” Steve Harvey.

I honestly had a blast making my vision board. I am so excited and happy with how it turned out, and how I've been able to move closer and closer to my goals each day so far this year! I have some pretty exciting things to share with you all, including my new eating and exercise habits, my wedding planning, and the updates for the real estate market this year. Don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE! 
xo Layney