How To Master Your Daily Goals

I've been away from my blog lately! I've been super busy with Real Estate and I also just got engaged this past weekend so now I will be even busier! But I'm back, and I wanted to share some motivation for Daily Goals.

Behind the scenes... As a business professional, I feel that I sometimes I do not have enough hours in my day! When I first ventured into the world of Real Estate, I was working as my mom/team's assistant. I would send out tons of hand written notes, create unique and amazing social media posts for every single social website, design beautiful flyers for open houses, set appointments, and organize all of our monthly marketing plans. One thing I will say is that I'm thankful for those months because I sure did learn A LOT! 
Now that I am my own boss and a Realtor, I have figured out a solution to getting everything done, every day of the week. You don't have to be a Real Estate professional to use this either, anyone can use this. Here's what I do!

How I begin my week... I love Sundays! Being that I'm such a planner, this is the day where I sit down with my planner and laptop to plan my entire week. This might sound intense, but it's the only way I personally will get things done. At our office, we have a floor schedule, meaning we have a schedule of who is in the office on which days for the week. I have that done the week prior to avoid last minute planning! So I then figure out the days I absolutely have to be in the office. Later in the day, I usually go onto the program I use for social media posts and I prepare every marketing post for the entire week. I'll reach out to all of fellow teammates and we discuss upcoming open houses and if there are any, I'll design all of the flyers and posts for that day. This is my favorite day because it basically sets up my entire week! 

My best advice to you is to write down daily goals. For example, if I'm sending out mailers to a neighborhood to market myself, I'd write down every step in my planner.
1. Go and buy stamps, Monday
2. Address envelopes, Tuesday
3. Print material being sent, Wednesday
4. Stuff envelopes, Thursday
5. Stamp, Seal, Send! Friday

If you're a Realtor reading this...
Friday... Okay yes it's Friday, yaaaay! But wait, stop and think what your upcoming weekend looks like for your business. Do you have Open Houses? Well if so, there's lots of work to be done. If I'm in this situation I will create a flyer, with photos, property description, listing price, all of my info, and a catchy title. I'll then prepare Social Media posts for all of my followers to see that I'll have an open house, and maybe they'll share with their friend who is looking to move. Lastly, I'll input the open house into MLS,, Zillow, and Trula, we want maximum exposure!

Daily goal setting is totally preferential, I absolutely have to hold myself accountable. The more I do it this way, then the less excuses I'll have! When I do this, I'll actually end up following through and complete my tasks in a quicker time frame. I actually learned this process from someone a long time ago, never did it, and then I tried it out and it works! 
I've learned that the more I see something, the more I think about it, and the more chances that I'll finish it. If you're not good at executing your goals, this is a great way to get started! Hope it helps.

xo Layney