My Neck of The Woods

It’s FRIYAY everybodyyyy! Get pumped for the weekend it’s here, and I am beyond excited that I’m skipping town because the mountains are calling. I am so busy with work lately that this weekend getaway has a countdown and I had everything packed and ready to go early yesterday afternoon. Yep, it’s serious. Since I’m doing a series of bloggin' on me, myself, and I... This post is dedicated to the out-of-towners because I know they wanna get the low down of where I come from. 

For starters, I’m a California girl, why? Because here’s my vocabulary summed up for you:
I can’t even
Ok real talk, I'm 100% California bred, if the sun isn’t shining for more than 3 days we have a problem, avocados are freakin life, if I wanna go to Disneyland? 1 hour flight. Tahoe? 2 hour drive. This state is my home. I love southern California and all, but I come from the North (is it just me or did you also visualize the Stark family when I said that?). I don’t really consider where I live North though because if you look at a map I’m pretty much in the middle of California, and it doesn’t snow where I live. We’re located 30 minutes south of Sacramento and about an hour and a half from San Francisco. So I’m going to just straight up tell you I live in a farm town. Acampo, California, population: 341, things to do: drive to Sacramento, drive to Lodi, drive to the bay area, milk a cow, own a dairy, I don’t know? Funny thing is, I love it. 

I haven’t lived here all of my life, I grew up in Stockton (unfortunately) where I went to school. But both of my parents grew up in Lodi and went to high school there also. Then I ended up living in Dover, Delaware for college for a short lived minute and quickly moved back home. We moved to Acampo a few years ago after finding a piece of property we couldn’t pass up, and it was our dream to escape Stockton. We’ve definitely planted our roots out here now and it finally feels like we’re where we need to be. 

Reasons why I love Acampo/Lodi:
So I categorize these two towns together because both are small and Lodi is like the place we go for EVERYTHING like stores, downtown area, grocery stores, target, etc.

When you hear about Lodi being on the same level as Napa for their wine, you aren’t hearing wrong.. There are over 90 wineries in our area which is a lot for a small town. I love this about where I live because it’s seriously is so amazing to tell people I live in Lodi, and then explain to them how great it is and that they need to come and check out our wine asap.

Another reason I love where I live is because of the Small Businesses. Yeah I’m one of those people who would rather get her jewelry from a local shop than go to Forever 21 (just an example, don’t get all offended). I love love love supporting small businesses because I view myself as a small business owner, in a sense. When I shop local, I feel like I’m helping parents send their kids to college, or pay for dance lessons, or their health benefits. I don’t know, I just like doing it because it makes me feel like I've made a difference for my community and believe me, I’m all about stuff like that. I love downtown Lodi because that’s where majority of our local shops are located, so I’ll go down there sometimes during work hours and just spend money I don’t have, it’s really great.

Mom & Pop restaurants. Ok so let’s talk about food, because we’re in a relationship. I love me some original mom and pop owned restaurants, and Lodi is like holy land when it comes to them. There isn’t a single restaurant downtown that is located anywhere else in the world. Dancing Fox, I love you. Wraps, salads, burgers, vegetarian options, wine, focaccia bread.. My mouth is literally watering as I write this. Smack Pie is also so great because it’s basically build your own personalized pizza, and it’s better than Blaze and Pieology so just try it when you’re in town. In the mood for diner food? Hit up Richmaid on Cherokee. Taco trucks are life in Lodi and so cheap. If you wanna go the healthy route, School Street Nutrition does protein shakes and super yummy acai bowls.

Another thing I love is Coffee/Tea. You can’t go wrong with School Grounds Coffee on School Street or House of Coffee on Ham Lane. Both have such good options and great customer service. When I go to HOC I usually get a smoothie which literally has banana, ice, and greek yogurt, so healthy. I love the iced coffee and teas at School Grounds and can drink them all day if I had the choice, or the bank account because you know that can add up real quick.

Lodi Lake. I just recently fell in love with this hidden gem. When you arrive here you seriously have no idea the nature that lies beneath. There are different wilderness routes, I go on them every morning and I see deer, gorgeous views, some people have claimed to see mountain lions (that’s a little much for me). All I have to say is that it’s just beautiful and a place I can go to clear my mind and start my day out fresh.

If you’re in town, email me. Let’s grab some lunch, or a coffee.
xo Layney