How to Narrow Those Goals Down

Good Afternoon Beautiful Readers.

First off, I have an announcement! I am over the moon because my dear friend Samantha had her precious baby boy. He is absolutely adorable and so lucky he has a momma and daddy that love him so much! So happy birthday 10/26/17 to baby Rhett.

I’m currently sitting on the porch of this house we rented up in the mountains, it's 8:30 am, I’ve already gone on my 3 mile walk and now it’s time to relax. My goal for the weekend is to literally clear my mind from everything (especially work-related). These past few months have been insanely busy as you all know, and I need to remember to focus on myself during all of it. Not only am I trying to focus on myself for sanity, but also because I have yearly goals that I haven’t reached yet. I don’t know if you’ve realized but there’s only 2 months left of this year which means it’s crunch time, and I need to get serious. I got engaged (yay), sold my first house (double yay), started exercising again (woot woot), built my credit (it’s perfect), and my last 2 are to find a place to live by the beginning of next year and to have $5000 more in my precious savings account.

I’m all about goal setting. I’ve been taking some time here and there jotting down some ideas for my 2018 goals. It’s so important to me that I come up with realistic goals that are also challenging. I will usually separate them by doing personal, business, physical, and financial goals. I don’t only want to put all of my focus into one of these, because they’re all equally important. So over this past weekend I took a trip to this beautiful place, where I can think with a view. 

How do we pick goals when in reality we have so many?

I’m a millennial and I have a boat load of goals. And I think that majority of millennials have a million goals, both long and short term. We’re all still trying to find our way. We want to pay off those student loans, buy new cars, be able to pay rent and hopefully buy a house before we’re 30, and let’s not forget have a career that pays the bills. All of these, and then on top of it we have our personal goals like getting married, or engaged, or having a baby, maybe even just to find a boyfriend/girlfriend. Oh and we want all of it. Now! 

How do I narrow them down?

So there’s a million different ways people do this, but I don’t care about them. Here’s my theory: What’s most important? When you start narrowing your goals down by importance then it becomes a little easier to reach them, but it’s baby steps. So here’s how I’ll go about planning for 2018.

Business Goals: I’ll probably set my business goals to selling 12 houses (that’s one per month). This is realistic, but a very challenging goal for me and I know that if I put my mind to it, it’s definitely achievable for me. Another is to build up my marketing clientele. 

Personal Goals: Finalize everything for my wedding. So of course I’ll achieve this goal because our wedding is in November of next year, keeping my personal goals for next year wedding-related due to all of the planning.

Physical: By January I want to be running 3 miles per day, by June I want to be running 6 miles per day. I am already walking 3 miles per day, and I set these goals because not only do I know I can get there, but I should continue to push my limits.

Financial: Next year I want to save another $5000. This will help with so much. If I get there this year, then I know I can do it again. If I don’t get there this year, then I’m trying again next year!

For my business, I have so many other goals besides selling 12 houses, but for now I’ll focus on only that because your mind can only do so much. I am also building up my clientele for marketing and I do have a lot of goals for that, but those are to be discussed later on and are not my ultimate goal, they can wait. My personal goals are sooo much more than just our wedding! I want to travel the world, be able to blog every single day, interact with other bloggers, go to cooking classes! But for right now, I have to focus on one thing at a time, our wedding. My physical goals are to be fit and to look hot in a bikini, but I mean I gotta start somewhere right? Financially, I want to buy a house, and a ton of clothes, and to be able to afford supporting a family, paying bills, but by me saving $5000 it’ll help me with all of it. Baby steps ya’ll.

My point is that you have to start with one goal to reach all of the others.. I wish I could achieve them all in one year, but life doesn’t work out that way. You have to be patient and you have to slowly achieve them. As the year is ending, I know that I need to finalize all of my goals and begin putting a call of action into place, and don’t worry I share it with you guys I promise. 

Update: It's Monday, and I'm ready for the week! Bring it on.

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