Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Happy Monday! 

I hope you had a great weekend, I definitely worked most of my weekend, but that's totally fine because I accomplished a lot! Real Estate has been crazy busy lately and I feel like I haven't had much time for anything except work. 
Alright, so in this post I wanted to share with you the importance of Marketing, and how important it is for a small business owner. Like anyone who is self-employed and/or a small business owner, we all find ourselves putting most of our time into work, sometimes hardly making the time to cook dinner at home or even help our kids with their homework. I know it sometimes sucks to feel like all of our time is only put into work, but it's what brings the bread to the table, right?
I grew up with both parents being self-employed and I definitely understand the aspect of work first, play later. My parents are both extremely hard workers, and they do everything in their power to provide for my sister and I, which I'm forever grateful for. 
I work everyday to someday have my business where theirs is at now.
Anyways, back to why Marketing is so important! Ok, so did you know, Social Media is the best tool to connect with others? Having you or your business on social networking engines allows you to be noticed by millions. How? Well over 1.5 Billion people in the world have some type of Social Media account. If you're not promoting your business on Social Media, you're basically hurting not only yourself, but your business as well. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all free, so why would you not use them to your advantage? 
I know most of you answer, "I don't have time!"
Trust me, I know you don't have the time to market yourselves on Social Media. Between running your business, paying bills, finding clients, hoping for a commission check before the end of the month, and making time for your family, I understand you don't have time. And marketing takes time, I've been doing it for almost a year for 6 Realtors, including myself. I create posts that are completely unique and customized just for you and your business. You won't see my marketing anywhere else, I spend time and put creativity into my work.

I'm offering my services to you! Right now, if you're interested in receiving my Marketing Specialties I'm going to be having a SPECIAL DEAL. I'm only charging $50.00 for 2 entire weeks of customized marketing for you and your business. That's a steal! Marketing is so expensive, and I want to help small business owners out because I understand the struggle. 

If you're interested in this awesome deal, shoot me an email with the Subject as: 2WEEKSPECIAL  your name, the name of your business! 
Know someone who may be interested in this special? Please share this post with them, and help them out!

xo Layney