Love Your Landscaper

We all want a perfect yard, but let's face it, most of us just don't have the time. Over 50% of Americans hire help for their yards! The landscaping business is booming because most individuals simply dislike yard work. Other individuals say that they don't have the knowledge to keep up their yard, and that if they did, their work wouldn't look nearly as nice as a professional would have done.  
Even though we hire professionals to work on our yards, there are ways to make their lives a little easier and ways to help them out. We should appreciate the people who make our lives easier!
Where do I start? A great way to start is by moving all items away from the edges of your lawn. This allows your landscaper to mow without having anything in their way. Otherwise, they will spend unnecessary time moving all of these items, and trust me they have a lot more homes to visit throughout their day. Not to mention, sometimes these things can get caught in their mower which will damage your personal belongings, and possibly their lawn mower! So before your landscaper comes, move all the pool toys, chairs, outdoor rugs, flower pots, and whatever else you have close to the edges!

Refer Them to Everyone! Nothing is better than a referral. If you enjoy your landscaper's work and are satisfied with their services, refer them! Tell your closest friends, family members, and anyone else you think may need landscaping services. Not only will your landscaper appreciate this, but they will value your business even more than they did before. There is nothing more flattering than a referral.

Skip Large Businesses. I'm all about staying local. By using small businesses you're not only strengthening your local economy, you're also building your community! If there is a local landscaper, use them before using large businesses. You should always use someone who is local no matter what! You're helping them feed their family and supporting their personal business, which means you know exactly where your money is going. 

How to Get Your Yard Ready
For Summer

Are you planning on entertaining this summer? Your backyard is the perfect place, which means it's time to clean it up!
With Father's Day this next weekend, and Fourth of July right around the corner I'm sure a few of us have some barbecues or outdoor entertainment plans.
Let's start with quite possibly the most important thing, your barbecue of course! 
How to clean your barbecue: First You'll want to rinse and scrub the grates really well. This can take 10-15 minutes depending on how dirty they are. You can also soak the grates in soapy hot water (Proxi Dish Soap works wonders) if they are extremely dirty! While you let that soak, it's a great time to start scrubbing the hood and the inside walls of the barbecue. This will remove all grease, and old residue from past grilling. Once you remove the grates from the bucket, you can hose them off and air dry. After this, you can clean all surrounding areas of your barbecue and the cabinet (if you have one!). 
Basic outside Cleaning: Ok, so after the barbecue is all cleaned up, it's time to tackle the rest of your yard. Deweed your front and backyard, mow the lawn regularly, remove debris from the pool, pressure wash the concrete in the backyard, and wipe down all outdoor furniture. Oh, and add an American Flag to your yard if you haven't already, it's the finishing touch to a perfect yard.
Outdoor Furniture Clean-up: Now is the time to clean up your weathered-furniture. Behr actually makes a semitransparent deck stain that works really well on weathered outdoor furniture. This product comes in a variety of colors and directions! If you're looking to clean up your furniture, this is a great solution. What you can also do is vacuum all cushions with a dirt devil mini vacuum. This allows you to get up any pet hair, dirt, etc. and it will make your cushions look brand new! 
There are a ton of other ways to get your yard cleaned up, I hope this helps you out some for this upcoming summer season! I know this isn't the most detailed version of getting your yard cleaned up, but it's the basics! Please reach out to me for any questions you have about ways to get your yard ready for this summer!